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The way they look at each other…

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Inspired by this photo.

It’s very rare that Danny gets to witness Steve in such a vulnerable position.

He’s almost always moving, keyed up energy bubbling beneath a calm exterior. He can’t sit still for very long without having a deep desire to blow something up, and Danny’s pretty sure he only let’s his mind turn off for a few hours a night to recharge the batteries to the bare minimum.

And when that minimum allotted brain shut-off time is complete his body seems to have an automatic alarm going off in his head, rousing him awake and pushing him towards the ocean or the Hawaiian mountains.

Most of the time when Danny wakes up in the morning the other side of the bed is already cold, the sheets are pushed all onto his side, and he can usually hear the shower running indicating Steve’s already back from his workout.

But every so often, usually after Steve’s pushed himself to the physical and mental edge of his abilities, the Hawaiian sun will wake Danny up before Steve’s brain has alerted his body to the late morning hour. And Danny relishes in these moments.

These moments of pure, unadulterated Steve. It’s moments like this that Steve has his guard completely down, his face peaceful, sun enveloping his face in a healthy glow, that Danny sighs and realizes the love he has for the usually crazy man lying next to him.

Steve’s vulnerable side doesn’t appear often.

In fact, in Danny’s opinion, it doesn’t appear nearly as often as it should. So when it does Danny milks it for all it’s worth, drinking in the beautiful morning view of bliss on his partner’s face.

It reminds Danny that for as much as Steve acts tough and put together, he’s still apt to have a breakdown every now and then, that’s he’s not infallible and sometimes Danny has to be there to be the strong one; be the cool, calm, and collected one.

It’s mornings like this that remind Danny why Steve is his one and only, as ridiculously mushy and cliché as that sounds.

Danny knows that his breathing is bound to wake Steve up soon, but he’s okay to just sit back and enjoy the view for those few precious moments.



#Steve to Danny on those lazy Sunday mornings #no cases no meetings no plans #Danny’s going to sleep in#Steve wants to go *do* something #swimming or surfing #hiking maybe #so he tries to kiss Danny awake#tries to nudge him awake #tries to annoy him awake (luckily Danny’s still too out of it to hear the loud thud)#and eventually figures #if this is how Danny wants to spend Sunday morning then maybe it won’t be so bad