Nobody.  Move.  A Muscle.

The plan was simple: fly to Maui, get their witness to safety, and wrap the case up tight. 

But when a once-in-a-lifetime storm breaks over the islands, the team is forced to make an emergency landing on whatever scrap of earth they can find.  With few supplies and no idea where the hell they are, what waits in the jungle is beyond their wildest dreams.

Hanlock AU - Sherlock/Hannibal

Hannibal thinks he found someone who shares interest with him, but he is mistaken.

AU: Stiles’s cousin Lizzie is used to visiting him every now and then. She’s been trying to visit for a while but Stiles keeps telling her it’s not safe yet because of whatever monster they’re facing in Beacon Hills that week.

Hawaii meets Beacon Hills

H50/Common Law AU
Wes is heading home this weekend, with a guest (Part 1) - (Part 2)

H50/Common Law AU
Wes’s first explosion in 1x05 made the headlines, Danny is not impressed (Part 1)

H50/Common Law AU
Wes decided to tell his parents about his decision to became a cop and move to LA.


“I think we should go in right now, Danny. Those people are in danger.”
“I agree, man, brilliant idea. Let’s shoot some bad guys.”

Goodbye Danno…


 cause everyone needs  Danno in their life aka Danny’s cute/crush on Danny/flirting with Danny appreciation post

NCIS:LA/H50 crossover