Stephen Amell interviewed about Oliver’s love life (x)


meant to finish this like 60000 years ago but got distracted by another art thing oops

JR Bourne poses for portraits at the Getty Images Portrait Studio during Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA.


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Be Part Of The Tyler Hoechlin Birthday Project!

Since we have amended the project slightly (please read all about it here!) we are making a new promotion post, that has all the correct information. Please accept our apologies for the confusion. We have taken your concerns into account and have made the necessary adjustments.  

As you all know, Tyler’s birthday is September 11th, and this year his birthday will be celebrated at Wolf Moon Con in Madrid, Spain. There will be a special Birthday Meet & Greet, where fans will have an opportunity to wish him a happy birthday and give him presents. 

We wanted to come up with something special, and decided on setting up this project. Tyler has a huge heart and has no problem showing it, so we thought we would give a big THANK YOU to him for everything he’s given us. 

At the Birthday Meet & Greet, we’d like to present Tyler with a symbolic check of a (hopefully rather sizable) donation we - as a collective fanbase - made to one of his favorite charities, in his name. We would love for all of Tyler’s fans to come together and do something beautiful in the name of charity, because we are sure that Tyler will appreciate that! 

With a little help from Tyler’s wonderful mother Lori, we have decided on a charity that we know Tyler fully supports: The Jed Foundation, that works to protect the mental health of students across the United States, and works to promote emotional health and prevent suicide. The Jed Foundation includes such projects as Love is LouderULifeline, half of us.com, Transition Year, and Jed & Clinton Health Matters Campus Program. 

If you want to learn more about this entire project, please check out the pages on the Tumblr (or the links on this post), which will explain everything! If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to send them to us! 

In a nutshell:

  • We would love for you to donate as much as you’d like/can through the donate button on our Tumblr, however the minimum donation is set at $5.
  • All donations will collectively go to The Jed Foundation, in Tyler’s name! 
  • If you have donated, you can sent in a message for Tyler! Instead of a birthday card, we’d like to present him with a small booklet containing small messages from everyone that donated :)
  • Deadline for accepting donations; August 30th, 2014.
  • This project will be presented to Tyler in September, at Wolf Moon Con

If you want to get updates on this project, please follow our Tumblr

If you want to show Tyler how much you love and appreciate him, please think about donating to this charity project in his name. For his birthday, let’s give to a cause that is near and dear to his heart and will change lives. 

We would love it if as many people as possible would participate and help us make this a wonderful gift for Tyler! We would also love it if you could signal boost this post, to spread the word around fandom! 

Thank you!

About us || The Charity || Donate || Your message || The Gift || Ask

WAIT. Scott has a new baby?!?!?!? To quote phoebe, “this is a brand new information!!!”

YES he and Kacy just had a baby girl. I bet they’re going to be awesome parents!

Anonymous asked:
can you do Steve and Danny with the moustache :)




I think they’ve tried. I didn’t work.

Anonymous asked:
Do you think you could draw a picture of Scott with his new baby and Alex with his son Lion?

I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll make this one. I know I’ve drawn them as Steve and Danny with babies before but to draw them as Alex and Scott with their real life children kinda feel weird for me, even as chibis. So… sorry again >w<


Congratulations, it’s a Maru! [via]


emoussie said:  Love, your drawings are out of this world, so gorgeous, each and every one of them. If you drew a Sterek forehead kiss (preferably Stiles kissing Derek) it would mean the world to me. Thank you! <3

xKxDx said: I LOVE YOU JUU!!! I hope you and stileslovesderek love it! 

See more pencil style art

More Sterek Art by xKxDx


0:15/07.25-happy birthday to me :D


(The picture Tyler is talking about here.)

And here it is the only image I have of the Drawing with Grandpa Derek in the rocking chair reading LittleRedWolf to his grandchildren. But it has Mr. Hoechlin on it so I’m happy! (He is the most loveliest and sweetest guy ever omg) :DDDDDDDDDDD

The con was a blast and omg I will talk about it more later as now I have to run but I promised to upload this so here you go guys! :D

I’m still overwhelmed with feels so.. ugh I’m gonna stop talking now before I make a mess of my tumblr.   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ( /°u°)/ *runs off*

(special thanks and hugz to uranchan whom I went to the con with, love you!)

TH: My day just got worse…