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My Dearest TW Fandom!!

This post is a call to those of you who want to make a difference and help someone in need! We’re looking for reinforcements to our cause! The strength is in numbers! This is a shout out in order to make you aware of the situation and ask for any help you can provide!

We, The Fandom, have already proved we are able to change lives and help those in need. Multiple times. We are strong as a united group and we have achieved so much together. Lets show the world one more time how amazing we are!

There’s someone out there, another fan, one of us, who needs our help. DANI is one of the bravest, strongest and most selfless people you’ll ever come across - especially with what she’s going through everyday.

Dani’s husband, Chris, has CROHN’S DISEASE which is often quite manageable, but unfortunately not in this case. He suffers greatly not only from the disease itself but also from various post surgery complications. It has a huge impact on their every day life and makes it difficult to function because of constant emergencies and prolonged visits in the hospitals. Yes, they’re provided with the bare minimum to help them survive, but there is a number of serious issues they’re experiencing that no one is willing to help with.

You can read a little bit more about their situation in this POST or even ask Dani herself.

In order to try and make her life a bit easier and bring them both some relief, we decided to organise a FUNDRAISER in hopes of making a difference and help a little with those medical bills that are unfortunately not covered by insurance.

We’d really appreciate if you can contribute to our cause in any way you can, even if it’s just a signal boost!

You can also just simply DONATE when the Indiegogo goes live. Or OFFER COMMISSIONS to put in our


If you write/draw/edit/make stuff and would like to lend your skills to our cause you can submit commissions for us to auction away.

The auction launches on 29th of October and will last until 30th of November.

During this time whatever everyone submits (art, fanfics, fanvids etc) will be available for bidding. The winners will be brought in contact with the artists at the beginning of December in order to work on the details of the commission privately.

Every winner will also receive a special raffle ticket on top of the commission! (more on that below)

If you’re an artist/writer interested in participating and offering us your skills to the auction please contact us on fandom.initiative@gmail.com with subject: AUCTION and state what would you be willing to contribute [type, quantity, details, minimum bid, etc]. 

We’ll also be having a prize


You’ll be able to enter and get raffle tickets by either donating money directly or by placing a winning bid on our commission auction.

The fundraiser launches with Indiegogo on 24th of October and will last for 60 days. You can start donating and acquiring your raffle tickets then. The Raffle Draw will be held right after Christmas by Dani herself.

We already have some amazing prizes prepared for you (gifts, prints, autographs etc…). Some are exclusive to our project!!

The more the better though, right?

So if you have anything you can provide that we can use as a Teen Wolf raffle prize, let us know!!! (posters, DVDs, autographs, jewellery, prints, artbooks, gifts etc).

Write us on fandom.initiative@gmail.com with subject GIFT and tell us what you can offer (pics most welcome).

We’ll be announcing more details about everything just before the fundraiser launches!

If you have any questions about how it will work - don’t hesitate to ask!!!

Write us on fandom.initiative@gmail.com with subject: ASK.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and we really hope we can make this happen. TOGETHER!

Please help out and signal boost, donate (once you can), offer your talent for the commissions, etc! <3


The Kiss from Chapter 19 of A Desperate Arrangement by mad-madam-m

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work on your story hon! ♥


palette #19 

A little Sterek something for bleep0bleep, because she’s really talented, unbelievably kind, amazing person and deserves all the love.


Solar eclipse, as seen from Earth’s orbit (source)

This is why I love you.