Sterek Week - Monday : Lyrics/Quotes

1. Snow drifts build up and enfold us 
As we wait out this winter storm 
So we snuggle close in the darkness 
And keep each other so warm ( x )

2. So bright, the flames burned in our hearts,
That we found each other in the dark.

Like beasts out in the wilderness
We are fighting to survive and convalesce. ( x )

(i’m like 2 million or so days late 。◔‸◔。 ah oh well better late than never haha  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)


I was very honored to be asked to create a new artwork for the new layout of Tyler Hoechlin Online. Here is the individual fanart itself. 

Society 6 - Red Bubble 

a mail from France…

"Anyone who thinks they can hunt and kill us for money is gonna be put on another list, our list. They get to be a name on our deadpool."

OTP Material [see the captions]

Endless List of Flawless Smiles
↪ Tyler Hoechlin


phew. Now this took me 4 days. ugh… >_< Drawings clouds is damn terrible! ugh.

Well anyway hope you guys like it! :D

I am kind of happy. :)  (because if I have to work on this any longer I will go nuts ahahahaha)

Available at my society6 where there is free shipping until Sunday! :3


Sterek Week

           ↳Tuesday: Color Me Sterek

Palette no. 5

//casually doodles something for #sterekweek. i’m not going to be taking prompts, sorry. i’m busy with summer assignments.